Patton Picture Company

Established 1984

Patton Picture Co. was established in 1984 when Bill Patton and his brother opened a distribution company servicing retail stores in the Northeast with molding, mat boards, and glass.

Mid 1980’s – Mid 1990’s

Through the mid 80’s and 90’s, the company continued to grow the distribution business and brought on custom framing accounts such as Marriott, Ducks Unlimited, Bradford Exchange, and the Franklin Mint.


 Pre-framed Art

In 1995, the company developed and sold a pre-framed line of art in High Point channel to independent retail furniture stores.


National Retail Stores & Wall Decor

Patton Picture Co. exited the furniture store channel in 1998 and began calling on national retail chains. By 2004, Patton became part of The Home Decor Companies Jimco and J.Hunt, as well as one of the largest providers of wall decor for retailers all across the United States.